Available Memory in a Windows box

This query will return results based on amount of available memory. I output it to a gauge, you’ll want to modify your gauge to show up red as it approaches zero.

Alternatively try this. Thanks to kharris!
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  1. kharris

    You are the man, I have tried this for a few months and could not get it to give me the correct available memory. For some reason my memory counter is already in MB, so i changed part of it to work for me, thank you again :) !

    source=”Perfmon:Memory” counter=”Available Mbytes” | bucket _time span=1m | eval gigabytes=(Value/1024) | eval GB=round(gigabytes, 2) | gauge GB

    1. SplunkNinja

      That’s great news….and funny, might have been a change in splunk versions or the CIM. Glad to hear it!!! :)

      I’ll post your query as second option for anyone else who may run into this issue.

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