Groundspeed Violation/Improbable Access

Oftentimes we are required to determine impossible or improbably access events. Typically, this is a relatively simple thing to do in a modern SIEM, however Splunk, without ESS, does not have a “great” way to handle this type of temporal correlation aside from appends or joins back to the original data. I constructed the following […]

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Investigate by MAC, IP all VPN authentications through CISCO_ISE

Helps to investigate authentications through CISCO_ISE device. This identifies who logs in, the MAC address and IP for any use cases

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Successful Logons to WordPress Admin Area

Ever want more detailed information on authentications to your WordPress Admin Area? This Splunk Query will show detailed information on successful authentications to the wp-admin section of your site:

Screenshot: Notes: Please comment if this is successful or unsuccessful for you, I have limited access to WordPress data. That said this worked for me.

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Failed Logon Attempts – Windows

The following Splunk query will show a timechart of failed logon attempts per host:

The following Splunk query will show a detailed table of failed logon attempts per host and user with 5 minute chunks/blocks of time, as well as show a sparkline (mini timechart) within the table itself.

#Admin Notes – This […]

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Successful Login to OSX

The following splunk query (with regex) will return a result of users who have successfully authenticated to an OSX machine: *NOTE* Thanks Bob for pointing this out. The regular expression has now been fixed!

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