Apps Deployed from Deployment Server

Want to show what apps have been deployed to forwarders from a deployment server (DS)? Try this Splunk Search:

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List of Forwarders that are Deployment Clients

Need a list of Forwarders that are talking to a Deployment Server? Try this:

Additional REST query (performed on the DS) will return desired results (Thanks to Lyx for pointing this out!):

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Successful Logons to WordPress Admin Area

Ever want more detailed information on authentications to your WordPress Admin Area? This Splunk Query will show detailed information on successful authentications to the wp-admin section of your site:

Screenshot: Notes: Please comment if this is successful or unsuccessful for you, I have limited access to WordPress data. That said this worked for me.

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Internal Splunk User Stats

This simple Splunk query will show us unique Splunk user logged into Splunk per day, as well as total count of log-ons.

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Apache Traffic Dashboard

Description: The following Dashboard is what I use to monitor traffic to GoSplunk. It uses the built in sourcetype of access_combined. No additional add-on’s or TA’s are required. I replaced my index with index=* so it’ll work out of the box. You’ll want to change this to your index for best practices. *UPDATE – 2019/05/29* […]

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High Level Windows Dashboard

Part 1 – User Logon Activity The following Splunk Dashboard provides a high level view of windows user logon activity. It should be emphasized that the focus of this dashboard is fairly high level, has a time picker (defaulting to 7 days) and shows both successful and failed user logons (table and timechart) as well […]

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Number of Hosts Associated with a Serverclass

The following query will list the number of hosts associated with all serverclasses on your Splunk Deployment server. This query should be run on your Deployment Server.

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Failed Logon Attempts – Windows

The following Splunk query will show a timechart of failed logon attempts per host:

The following Splunk query will show a detailed table of failed logon attempts per host and user with 5 minute chunks/blocks of time, as well as show a sparkline (mini timechart) within the table itself.

#Admin Notes – This […]

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Show Searches with Details (Who | When | What)

The following Splunk search will show a list of searches ran on a splunk server with the following details: Who ran the search What sourcetype was used What index was used What the search string was When the search was last ran

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REST API response time

This is a Splunk query to measure REST API response time from the various rest URI’s in Splunk.

Credit goes to somesoni2 on! Query found here:

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Show Splunk User to Role mapping

The following Splunk REST query shows all roles, number of  capabilities, and landing app for each user.

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Apache High Level Visitor Info

The following query gives a breakdown on traffic by clientip. I run this over all time so I can get detailed information on first visit versus latest visit as you can see below.

This will return something like the following: If you want to run this as a scheduled search, which I advise doing […]

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