Triggered Alert Analytics

Primary Dashboards Contains alert analytics for both triggered alerts and saved searches. Please replace $name$ with the saved search naming convention you utilize (ie. 0001 – AlertName). You will need an outputlookup to generate the bottom two tables; it will be based on the query that generates the second table in the dashboard.

Report […]

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Internal Splunk User Stats

This simple Splunk query will show us unique Splunk user logged into Splunk per day, as well as total count of log-ons.

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List All Splunk Users & Associated Roles

The following Splunk query will show a table of all users and their roles:

*Admin Notes* I’ve found the following query to work better in my environment:

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Index Modifications

This Splunk query should show which users attempted to modify an index and if that action was successful:

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Splunk Server Restart Duration

As titled, the following Splunk search query will show the restart duration (using the transaction command) of the Splunk service itself.  

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Failed Attempts to Logon to Splunk Web

The following Splunk Search Query will return all users who have failed to logon to the Splunk Web console. This query will also include an average (from eventstats).  

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