Fishies! Fun Query and Easter Egg

Here is a fun query that you may have seen as an Easter egg in an app. I stumbled on this while cleaning up old saved searches. If you know the app comment below!   FYI make sure you run this in real time otherwise you won’t see the fun part :)

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Current Vulnerability Summary by Severity (tenable)

Having Tenable Security Center connected via the splunk plugin, this search gives an overview of all vulnerabilties, summarized by severity.

Add the following to your dashboard source to add consistent colors to the pie chart: <option name=”charting.fieldColors”>{“Critical”:0x800000,”High”:0xFF0000,”Medium”:0xFFA500,”Low”:0x008000,”Info”:0x0000FF}</option>  

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Pearson Coefficient of Two Fields

The following SPL query calculates the Pearson coefficient of two fields named x and y.

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