Apache Traffic Dashboard


The following Dashboard is what I use to monitor traffic to GoSplunk. It uses the built in sourcetype of access_combined. No additional add-on’s or TA’s are required. I replaced my index with index=* so it’ll work out of the box. You’ll want to change this to your index for best practices. *UPDATE – 2019/05/29* I added a few panels, and added a timepicker with the default range of previous month.





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  1. Jay

    Hi I am learning about Splunk. My question to you is where do I place index=* in the scripting? Is it right before I put it after the ? I don’t know.

  2. SplunkNinja

    I placed the index=* in there as it will work for any named index. In practice you’ll want to put the name of your index in there. For example: index=”web”

  3. erik-jan

    this dashboard is absolutely incredible. Please try to submit this on splunkbase as well so more people could benefit from it.

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