Detect Username Guessing Brute Force Attacks

The below will detect a form of brute force which most will miss. Whereas other scripts detect multiple logins against a single account, they fail to detect 4 failed logins against 40 accounts.

This first checks for all accounts having an account login failure of 4 or more, it then checks for the quantity of accounts that have failed by 4 or more (5 in the below example). So if someone attempts to login with 4 or more different passwords unsuccessfully on 5 or more accounts, the alarm will trip.


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  1. John

    I like it, but these are the modifications I made to resolve some issues I had and output more information about the accounts involved. Cleans up the time also.

    sourcetype=wineventlog EventCode=4625 OR EventCode=4624
    | bin _time span=5m as minute
    | stats count(Keywords) as Attempts,
    count(eval(match(Keywords,”Audit Failure”))) as Failed,
    count(eval(match(Keywords,”Audit Success”))) as Success by minute user
    | where Failed>=4
    |stats values(user) AS userlist dc(user) AS Total BY minute
    | where Total>5
    | eval minute=strftime(minute,”%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S”)

      1. DaveyBoy

        You just need to drill into each user independently and finish with a

        | stats count by host


        | stats count by Source_Network_Address

        It depends where its failing.

        source=”wineventlog:security” EventCode=4625
        | rex “Account For Which Logon Failed:\s*Security ID:\s*(?.*)\s*Account Name:\s*(?.*)\s*Account Domain:\s*(?.*)\s*Fail”
        | stats count by host accountName
        | sort count desc

        This will tell you which account has failed and the machine it failed on. If it was attempting to connect to a network resource change the stats count to “stats count by Source_Network_Address accountName” and that should give you the offending host.

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