Truncated Data Issues

Displays sourcetypes being truncated on ingest, then on selection, shows the related _internal message & the an event that caused it to trigger.

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Software inventory

I’ve been looking a while for something like this, and decided to make it myself. This relies on the tinv_software _inventory add-on found on Splunkbase, but you can do it without, if you feel like it.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Deployed application status

Created this dashboard to see when or if an application was deployed successfully. Close to splunkninja’s query, this will also show if the host in question also restarted to apply the new app.  

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Bucket Status Dashboard

Shows status of buckets per indexer host, when they rolled from warm to cold, and cold to frozen. Gives a timechart and table of each, as well as detailed bucket names per index & host.

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License and Storage Usage Dashboard

This relies on the search posted earlier: This will display storage and license usage broken down by groups, predefined in the chargeback app customers.csv

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Build License usage by Group

This was cobbled together from multiple searches I found. This search feeds the license and storage dashboard posted here: It relies on the Chargeback app for the customers.csv form.


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Auditd hosts in all environments

Shows the login activity to our linux environments, sudo commands per host and users. Admin Notes: index=main was changed to index=* due to not everyone using the same index. This dashboard has been tested for code errors, but not for search errors. Please comment if you have any issues!  


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Top Header cpu & memory status

I didn’t like the CPU input from the Splunk TA Nix app, so I created this small ingest from top. The script takes a snapshot of the top command, and looks directly at the header:

and comes back with the first 5 lines of Top:

and the following query pulls CPU load average data […]

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Show uptime in Days

The following query shows uptime of all systems over a certain period of time (days_uptime). Replace my indexes w/ yours.

  Looks like: hostname | DaysUP | Years | Months | SystemUpTime and $days_uptime$ is a text box in my case.

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Search to show what apps are ready to be updated

If that Splunk has internet access, it’ll have the

fields filled with the latest version if there is an update available for any app installed on that system. The

filter should be usable for querying search peers as well. Using that scheduled daily or weekly, you could alert yourself of any update. […]

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Permissions for splunk users

Another view for which splunk user can do what in your splunk environment

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