Alerts in a Panel with Drilldown

A quick dashboard panel you can plop anywhere and get a view of alerts that have recently fired, including a drilldown based on the SID of the fired alert.

<title>Alerts Fired</title>
<query>index=_audit action=alert_fired |rename ss_name AS Alert 
|stats latest(_time) AS "Last Fired" count AS "Times Fired" sparkline AS "Alerts in the Last 72 Hours" 
first(sid) AS sid by Alert 
|convert ctime("Last Fired")</query>
<fields>Alert, "Last Fired", "Times Fired", "Alerts in the Last 72 Hours"</fields>
<option name="wrap">true</option>
<option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
<option name="dataOverlayMode">heatmap</option>
<option name="count">10</option>
<option name="link.inspectSearch.visible">false</option>
<option name="link.openSearch.visible">false</option>
<format field="Alerts in the Last 72 Hours" type="sparkline">
<option name="type">bar</option>
<option name="barColor">green</option>
<option name="colorMap">
<option name="1:3">navy</option>
<option name="3:7">orange</option>
<option name="8:">red</option>
<drilldown target="_blank">
<option name="drilldown">cell</option>
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