What is GoSplunk?

Gosplunk.com was created for Splunkers by a Splunker with the intention of being a Copy > Paste > Search Splunk query repository.

After attending many Splunk Live sessions in various cities, three .conf conferences in Las Vegas, and countless Splunk meetings at work one question was continually asked; “Is there a list of Splunk queries somewhere that I can copy and paste, or slightly modify to fit my needs?” Answers.splunk.com does sort-of fill that need, but it is not intended to be a Splunk query repository, as it is largely related to support with the occasional query help.

For Beginners to Ninjas.

Gosplunk.com is a site dedicated to helping Splunkers in their quest for finding the perfect query, regardless of SourceType. Perhaps you are a non-technical user with access to Splunk, but don’t know the first thing about writing a query; Gosplunk.com is here to help you with Splunk queries! Maybe you’ve been using Splunk for years and are a Splunk Ninja, but rather than reinvent the wheel you’d like to find a query that does exactly what you need it to do, in that case you’ve come to the right place! Copy, modify, and re-purpose any query posted here!

Search. Find. Post.

Not only is GoSplunk the perfect repository to find queries, it’s the perfect place to share your own awesome queries. We would really appreciate your query contributions and it’s easy to post. Just sign up here at our account registration page and post away. So help all Splunkers out; sign up, post your queries and spread the word today!

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