Saved Search Scheduler Activity

I use this query a lot to tune and adjust scheduling, find out what searches need attention:

index=_internal sourcetype=scheduler result_count | extract pairdelim=",", kvdelim="=", auto=f | stats avg(result_count) min(result_count) max(result_count), sparkline avg(run_time) min(run_time) max(run_time) sum(run_time) values(host) AS hosts count AS execution_count by savedsearch_name, app | join savedsearch_name type=outer [| rest /servicesNS/-/-/saved/searches | fields title eai:acl.owner cron_schedule dispatch.earliest_time dispatch.latest_time search | rename title AS savedsearch_name AS App eai:acl.owner AS Owner cron_schedule AS "Cron Schedule" dispatch.earliest_time AS "Dispatch Earliest Time" dispatch.latest_time AS "Dispatch Latest Time"]| rename savedsearch_name AS "Saved Search Name" search AS "SPL Query" app AS App | makemv delim="," values(host) | sort - avg(run_time) | table "Saved Search Name", App, Owner, "SPL Query", "Dispatch Earliest Time" "Dispatch Latest Time" "Cron Schedule" hosts, execution_count, sparkline, *(result_count), sum(run_time) *(run_time)


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