Memory Usage and Information on Splunk Server

This Splunk Search Query will perform a rest call to indicate current memory consumption on the Splunk server(s) itself/themselves:
*NOTE* The following has been modified from the “Distributed Management Console” to be more generic for a copy, paste, and search example.
| rest splunk_server=* /services/server/status/resource-usage/hostwide  | stats first(normalized_load_avg_1min) as load_average first(cpu_system_pct) as system, first(cpu_user_pct) as user first(mem) AS mem first(mem_used) AS mem_used by splunk_server | fields splunk_server mem mem_used | eval pctmemused=round((mem_used/mem)*100)."%" | table splunk_server pctmemused | rename splunk_server as "Splunk Server" pctmemused as "Percent of Memory Used"
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