Logon Types within a Windows Environment (with logon count)

This query will identify logon types within a windows environment and list the number of logons associated with each type.

source="WinEventLog:security" | eval LogonType=case(Logon_Type="2", "Local Console Access", Logon_Type="3", "Accessing Network Folders or Files", Logon_Type="4", "Scheduled Task, Batch File, or Script", Logon_Type="5", "Service Account", Logon_Type="7", "Local Console Unlock", Logon_Type="8", "Network User Logon", Logon_Type="9", "Program launched with RunAs using /netonly switch", Logon_Type="10", "Remote Desktop via Terminal Services", Logon_Type="11", "Mobile Access or Network Domain Connection Resumed") | top limit=15 LogonType | eval percent = round(percent,2) . " %"
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