Apache access_logs status code reporting

index=apache sourcetype=access_combined | chart count(eval(like(status,"2%"))) AS Success, count(eval(like(status,"4%") OR like(status,"5%"))) AS Error by status

###this query is to report on status code description#####

index=apache source="/var/log/httpd/access_log" | timechart count by status_description useother=f

# Find Website Status Over time

index=apache sourcetype=access_combined| timechart count by status_type limit=10 usenull=f

# Reports on Webserver error 500.

index=apache sourcetype=access_combined status_type="Server Error" | table host status status_description method uri_path | rename host AS "Server Name" status AS "Status Code" status_description AS "Description" method AS "Method" uri_path AS "URL Path"

# Reports on Most used Web Browsers

index=apache source="/var/log/httpd/access_log" | dedup useragent | eval browser=useragent | replace *Firefox* with Firefox, *Chrome* with Chrome, *MSIE* with "Internet Explorer", *Version*Safari* with Safari, *Opera* with Opera, *rv:11.0* with "Internet Explorer" in browser| top limit=5 useother=t browser

# Reports on most used devices / platforms

index=apache source="/var/log/httpd/access_log" | dedup useragent| eval device=useragent |replace *Windows* with Windows, *Macintosh* with Apple, *Android* with Android, *iPhone* with iPhone, *iPad* with iPad in device | top limit=5 useother=t device

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